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So new redesign eh?

2007-07-21 03:44:14 by Kronkus

Ya I know not many people will read this but I don't care I just feel like making my userpage meatier.

Man I remember about 3 years ago when I came to NG , before I had an account , and underneath the tank it said "the problems of the future, today!' then it was moved to the top of the browser and now they deleted it completely from NG. That was such an awesome phrase but oh well.

Other then that I love the redesign its alot shinier and modern-looking and still the same manigability to move around. The new level icons are nice but it sucks I was put down 3 levels, oh well no biggy. Thats about all I can really say.

Live in the present ~ Kronkus


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2007-07-21 04:44:03

I remember on newgrounds, I think it was 2003, when it had a pop-up asking people to take the newgrounds survey.

And is it just me or since 2005, has newgrounds had a redesign every year? :P

It seems like it. >:)


2007-07-23 05:30:23

3 levels down? That sucks, ya that phrase was cool, but the redesign is awesome, these blog things are pretty cool.


2008-09-06 22:39:02

LOL made in 2007?


2008-12-20 12:11:54

I'm sorry if I sound nerdy, but you're a fan of Mizore, too? She's just so awesome...


2009-01-04 16:09:28

Just wanted to say kool page i love Shirayuki Mizore!!!!

Kronkus responds:

Who doesn't amirite? :D


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