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Entry #2

To whom it may concern...

2009-01-19 23:39:27 by Kronkus

Time to vent. While I am aware of the fact this will not be read much, I don't really care.

I am absolutely infuriated at the excessive amount of importance our society puts on morals. It's as if someone saying they have morals makes them better than someone else.

Creating social echelons pisses me off to no end. With any form of individuality there is segregation. This is a fact, Look at any social community, High schools, Offices, Malls, etc. To have a perfect community we would need an intelligent society and complete conformity. While this is not really a pleasant thought, humanity will never truly accomplish anything untill these conditions are met. I highly doubt this will happen in my life-time nor my future childs.

But I digress, The problems of the world are all due to morals. Think about it, if we didn't have the concept of good or bad religion has ingrained in our being there wouldn't be a problem with any acts viewed as "evil". If we didn't have morals then murder, rape, you name it wouldn't be a problem because we wouldn't care. If acts we view as evil were viewed indifferently we would not care if they were commited.

Hundreds of years ago homosexuality was considered evil in several parts of the world, now it's completely different. The only difference between then and now is most people don't view it as a problem anymore. This philosophy can be applied to anything. If we don't view it as a bad thing, It's not a bad thing.

Now if a teenage boy is aware of this then any being more intelligent than a human is going to obviously have zero morals. Unless it's religious of course, but if it was religious it wouldn't be intelligent, would it? Ha ha. The universe as we know it is based on perpective, deal with it you idiots. Just because it's hard to grasp doesn't mean it's not fucking true.

The evils of the world are in the eye of the beholder, deal with it!



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2009-01-21 00:36:03

I agree with you for the most part, but you still gotta be a nice person.

Kronkus responds:

Well of course, It doesn't matter what I say I still can't go killing people. That will get me arrested.


2009-01-21 22:43:15

So, crimes that lead to PTSD are good things?

Kronkus responds:

I never said that, I said if we had a society that's open about sex, killing, and violence then they wouldn't be considered as a bad thing.

People wouldn't have PTSD because these things are a part of our daily life and we just live with them, hypothetically. We wouldn't question them anymore then we question a handshake or friendship.

Our current state of mind is nothing like this. It would take a few generations to change our thinking that drastically.


2009-01-21 22:46:00

So, you're saying, if we didn't give a shit about our four year old sister getting raped, it's not a problem?

Kronkus responds:

If we lived in a society where it happened often it wouldn't be out of the norm.

It wouldn't even be rape because she probably would let it happen if those things had been accepted. This kind of thought process is drastically different then that which we are using now, so if we were to move to a society like that it would take a few generations at least.


2009-01-22 07:25:09

It comes down to basic instincts. Animals fight when they steal from one another. They attack back when attacked.
Some animals even take in the young of another of it's breed if it's mother is no longer around.

Humans are also animals.

It's got nothing to do with a moral system/culture that we invented. These evils are programmed into us through evolution as being 'evil'.

We as humans haven't learnt to properly embrace the intelligence we have. Which is why idiots go about and do stupid shit that hinder our species. Like Rape.
Most of the time to my knowledge in the animal kingdom if a female refuses a male for courtship then that male moves on.

Also homosexuality is no longer deemed evil because no one is negatively affected by it. Which can't be said for rape, murder and theft.

Kronkus responds:

Yes but only because it's viewed as a negative thing. If loss of a friend, family, member, virginity, or your home wasn't considered as big of a deal then there wouldn't be a problem.

If we can accept how fleeting life and reality as we know it is we will be able to accept "negative" events in stride. If we maintained that kind of philosophy for humanity then eventually people wouldn't have a need to kill someone because it would gain nothing.


2009-01-22 07:53:40

Are you even reading what you say? You're stating the obvious without realizing how horrible the implications are. Obviously we'd be content if we were completely apathetic about life. Every little thing that happens wouldn't bother us. But that takes away our humanity.

Kronkus responds:

Maybe that's what we need to advance as a culture.


2009-01-27 21:38:35

You're a silly nihilistic teenage emo. Culture does not exist without consciousness. Consciousness does not exist without humanity.


2009-02-15 19:12:30

"but if it was religious it wouldn't be intelligent"

Because every person of every religion ever no matter who they are or what the religion is is an idiot, right guys?

and every atheist is an evil moral less hateful person, right?