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To whom it may concern...

2009-01-19 23:39:27 by Kronkus

Time to vent. While I am aware of the fact this will not be read much, I don't really care.

I am absolutely infuriated at the excessive amount of importance our society puts on morals. It's as if someone saying they have morals makes them better than someone else.

Creating social echelons pisses me off to no end. With any form of individuality there is segregation. This is a fact, Look at any social community, High schools, Offices, Malls, etc. To have a perfect community we would need an intelligent society and complete conformity. While this is not really a pleasant thought, humanity will never truly accomplish anything untill these conditions are met. I highly doubt this will happen in my life-time nor my future childs.

But I digress, The problems of the world are all due to morals. Think about it, if we didn't have the concept of good or bad religion has ingrained in our being there wouldn't be a problem with any acts viewed as "evil". If we didn't have morals then murder, rape, you name it wouldn't be a problem because we wouldn't care. If acts we view as evil were viewed indifferently we would not care if they were commited.

Hundreds of years ago homosexuality was considered evil in several parts of the world, now it's completely different. The only difference between then and now is most people don't view it as a problem anymore. This philosophy can be applied to anything. If we don't view it as a bad thing, It's not a bad thing.

Now if a teenage boy is aware of this then any being more intelligent than a human is going to obviously have zero morals. Unless it's religious of course, but if it was religious it wouldn't be intelligent, would it? Ha ha. The universe as we know it is based on perpective, deal with it you idiots. Just because it's hard to grasp doesn't mean it's not fucking true.

The evils of the world are in the eye of the beholder, deal with it!


So new redesign eh?

2007-07-21 03:44:14 by Kronkus

Ya I know not many people will read this but I don't care I just feel like making my userpage meatier.

Man I remember about 3 years ago when I came to NG , before I had an account , and underneath the tank it said "the problems of the future, today!' then it was moved to the top of the browser and now they deleted it completely from NG. That was such an awesome phrase but oh well.

Other then that I love the redesign its alot shinier and modern-looking and still the same manigability to move around. The new level icons are nice but it sucks I was put down 3 levels, oh well no biggy. Thats about all I can really say.

Live in the present ~ Kronkus